Tony Testa


Tony Testa is the President where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of physical production and negotiating of The Company’s development, production, and network agreements. For The Company he has produced the series; The Moment for USA, The Profit for CNBC, and Race To The Scene for REELZ Channel along with numerous pilots.

Prior to joining The Company, Testa worked for more than ten years as a “gun for hire” Executive in Charge of Production where he worked closely with a variety of executive producers to set up their companies, create and manage their budgets and ensure that all aspects of production were being handled in an efficient, safe, legal and first class professional manner.

Testa has worked with every major network and cable channel and has managed over a quarter of a billion dollars in production budgets during his career. Testa prides himself on bringing a level of style and grace to all of his productions. “The best way, not the easiest way” is one of his daily mantras to his team.

Testa received a B.A. and M.A. from Boston University.