The Million-Dollar Manhunt

With his team of highly trained specialists, Kevin Reeve is a master tracker – hunting down and capturing targets across the globe. Now, he’s putting his reputation on the line, as he and his team give two everyday Americans the chance to escape his intricate web of surveillance throughout the country’s largest cities. Wherever the contestants go, Kevin and his team are never far behind.

By hacking into the millions of cameras, satellites, and computers within the city, Kevin and his team race against the clock, using cutting edge technology to pinpoint their targets’ location. With each credit card swipe, motion detector trigger and cellphone call, the team hones in on their targets’ location.

As the contestants try to evade capture from Reeves team, they’ll have to work together to complete a series of specific tasks. If they can last 24 hours without getting caught, they’ll win one million dollars.

It’s the adventure of a lifetime. This is Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt.