Dan Lanigan


Dan Lanigan is a partner at The Company and an integral piece to the development and production of current and future projects.  A co-creator of “Race to the Scene” for ReelzChannel, Dan’s keen eye for detail, diverse business background and love of all things Sci-Fi continue to help shape the future of The Ebersol Lanigan Co.

Dan began as a representative for Mi-Jack Products taking on various responsibilities including I.T., Marketing, and Sales.  Dan worked hand in hand with his father, founder of Mi-Jack Products, and 3 brothers to transform the company into America’s premiere RTG crane manufacturer, shaping Mi-Jack Products to be a leader in quality, service, and innovation.

A desire to focus more on his artistic interests, Dan turned his artistic eye for detail into a career in commercial photography. He traveled to the four corners of the globe working on assignments in motorsports, fashion and landscape photography.

Finally, starting as a small hobby combining Dan’s love of film and art, he has amassed one of the most significant movie prop memorabilia collections in the world. With many key historical artifacts used in film and television production, he continues to curate and collect with the hopes of one day opening his own museum before he becomes a relic himself.

Dan holds a A.D.&D. in Númenórean Art Appreciation at Tolkien University.