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  • February 9, 2015

Charlie Ebersol talks NFL Characters Unite with Access Hollywood Live

Charlie Ebersol, who is dating Britney Spears, wants to keep his private life with the pop star very private!

Charlie stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday to chat about “NFL Characters Unite,” an annual documentary series that teams up NFL stars with kids in need, but Billy Bush and Kit Hoover managed to work in a few questions about dating Brit.

“I’m incredibly lucky because she’s an amazing woman,” he said of the pop star. “You can’t look past all of the incredible accomplishments that she has.

“But the one thing we have that we get to enjoy is not having to share it with the world,” Charlie, the son of NBC Sports Executive Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James, continued.

Charlie explained that he and Brit avoid the limelight, preferring to have nights in.

“The thing I enjoy more than anything is the quiet time,” he told Billy and Kit. “We have a great time because we don’t go out. … It’s not just accidental, it’s by design.”

Britney and Charlie have begun a tradition that might mean they will need to invite more people over. When Billy asked Charlie about possible Valentine’s Day plans, Charlie hinted there might be cake – lots of cake!

“I got her a big birthday cake for her birthday and she got me a bigger birthday cake for me for my birthday,” he said of he and Brit attempting to outdo each other on holidays. “So, we’re starting to ramp up a little bit.”

Charlie told Billy and Kit that “NFL Characters Unite,” which he is an executive producer on, is working to help with the problem of bullying.

“We want to share the stories. The premise was exactly that. You never imagine that the guys who you think are the heroes are the ones facing bullying and discrimination, and what we wanted to do was start the conversation off by saying you’re not alone. You’re not the only person who faced this,” he said of the documentary.

“NFL Characters Unite” airs on February 6, 2015 on USA at 7/6c.